Crime Stoppers tip leads to credit card fraud bust

Six men were arrested Wednesday in a credit card fraud bust by the Miami-Dade Police Department’s Economic Crimes Bureau.

Police said a Crime Stoppers tip led investigators to arrest Sergio Molina, 50, Larry Milanes-Garcia, 35, Aldo Blanco, 33, Yoandy Alfonso, 32, and Michel Tenorio, 25. The five men were taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Another man, identified as Jorge Prieto, was arrested by federal agents and  taken to the Federal Detention Center in Miami.

Investigators said 24 counterfeit credit cards were found in Tenorio’s car that were linked to Prieto.

According to an arrest report, detectives searched the home of Molina’s girlfriend and found more than $300 in merchandise that Molina claimed to own. But police said the items were purchased with a counterfeit American Express card that was found at the home.

Detectives said a text message from earlier in the day was discovered, in which Molina asked for 10 counterfeit credit cards from Alfonso. Police said the cards were later found at Alfonso’s home.

Tenorio, Milanes-Garcia and Blanco were arrested at another home at 1805 SW 107th Ave, which police said was used to sell and store merchandise that was fraudulently purchased.

According to police reports, Tenorio was seen dropping off merchandise at the home. When asked for identification, Tenorio provided police with a fictitious Florida driver’s license in the name of Alain Gonzalez, detectives said.

Police said Tenorio was in possession of sixCREDIT CARDS in the name of Alain Gonzalez that were re-encoded with stolen credit card numbers.

Milanes-Garcia and Blanco, who were also at the home, were arrested on charges of resisting arrest without violence.

According to their arrest reports, Milanes-Garcia became verbally aggressive when questioned by police and told other people inside the home “We don’t have to show ID,” and “Don’t say anything.”

Meanwhile, detectives said Blanco also refused to obey orders and told his wife “not to sign anything,” although police had instructed him to stay away from the woman while she was being questioned.

Detectives said Blanco’s wife was in possession of about $50,000 in cash, which was wrapped in a rubber band.  She was not arrested.

Tenorio, Alfonso and Molina face charges of forgery/intent to defraud.

Molina faces additional charges of trafficking in counterfeit credit cards and grand theft.

Tenorio faces an additional charge of possession of a fictitious driver’s license, and Alfonso faces an additional charge of trafficking in counterfeit credit cards.


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