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Crocodile surprise: Malaysian family discovers predator in home sewer pipe | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

A Malaysian family were rocked by a crocodile shock at their residence after hearing unusual noises emanating from their sewer pipe. They decided to urgently inform the authorities, only to discover a large crocodile had made its way into their drainage system. The incident, a close call with a potential predator, could have ended disastrously.

The peculiar event unfolded in the city of Kuching, located in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. A family heard strange noises coming from the sewer pipe at their home and reported the incident to the local fire department.

The department officials then conducted an investigation and had to use special equipment to lift the large creature out of the sewer pipe. They then restrained the crocodile with ropes to prevent it from posing any harm to humans and transported it away in a truck, reported Sanook.

It remains unclear how the crocodile ended up in the sewer pipe of the said household. One thing is certain, however, it was fortunate that no one slipped and fell into the pipe beforehand, or they might have become a meal for the crocodile. As soon as the clip was posted online, it went viral within just one day. One netizen expressed his shock.

“Under the drainpipe, I was thinking there might be fish at most. Why is there a crocodile, too?”

“All of a sudden, after watching this clip, I got scared. Everyone, be careful when passing sewer pipes and don’t let your foot slip.”

Meanwhile, some netizens stated that while they might be surprised if it happened elsewhere, it’s not that uncommon in Sarawak.

The state is renowned for its large crocodile population. Not long ago, a similar event occurred. It’s possible that heavy rain may have raised water levels, and the crocodile swam into the drainage pipe at that time.

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