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In a strategic move to enhance its cybersecurity capabilities, CrowdStrike Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:CRWD) has joined forces with NVIDIA Corp (NASDAQ:NVDA). The collaboration will leverage Nvidia’s advanced AI technology to fortify CrowdStrike’s cybersecurity solutions.

What Happened: CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz revealed the company’s partnership with Nvidia. Kurtz explained that by integrating Nvidia’s AI technology, CrowdStrike can offer its clients more sophisticated and cost-effective services in an interview with CNBC’s “Mad Money” with Jim Cramer.

“What we’re talking about with Nvidia, as a producer of massive amounts of security data, is being able to leverage their Morpheus framework to allow our customers to bring their own LLM models,” Kurtz said. We’ve got the data; they’ve got the power and the software.”

He highlighted the potential of Nvidia’s Morpheus framework in enabling customers to utilize their own LLM (large language model) models. This partnership will allow CrowdStrike to bring custom LLM-powered applications to the enterprise, addressing novel, domain-specific use cases.

Kurtz compared AI to an engine and data to oil, emphasizing that CrowdStrike has abundant data, collecting trillions of data signals and threat events daily. This data is used to train mathematical models to distinguish between good and bad, with the models becoming more advanced as they are further trained.

He also pointed out the increasing capabilities of cybercriminals, who have democratized attacks for the “cybercrime masses,” allowing unskilled attackers to access and use advanced technology.

“When you look at the chips, you know, it’s all about [CEO Huang] Jensen and Nvidia, right? That’s where the game is being played,” Kurtz said. “It’s a quantum leap.”

Why It Matters: The partnership between CrowdStrike and Nvidia comes at a time when AI-related stocks are surging ahead of Nvidia’s highly anticipated GPU Technology Conference (GTC). This event, dubbed as the “AI Woodstock” by Bank of America analysts, underscores the growing excitement around AI and its potential to reshape the technology landscape.

Meanwhile, analysts are anticipating that Nvidia’s GTC 2024 will mark a significant leap in the AI Revolution, with the potential to set off a tidal wave of spending in the tech sector. This aligns with Kurtz’s acknowledgment of Nvidia’s rapid dominance in the AI space.

Furthermore, CrowdStrike’s emphasis on AI and advanced technologies has set it apart in cybersecurity, as highlighted in a recent stock face-off with Palo Alto Networks Inc (NASDAQ:PANW). This partnership with Nvidia further solidifies CrowdStrike’s position as an industry leader in providing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions.

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