Croydon and Bromley couple cheated old people out of £150k in ‘dating’ scam as victim died clueless | #DatingScams | #LoveScams | #RomanceScans

A couple from Bromley and Croydon conned hundreds of thousands of pounds from elderly victims who they tricked into thinking they were in relationships as one victim died before they were caught. Ibrahim Moro, 33, from Bromley, and Rebecca Patrick, 32, from Croydon, targeted older and vulnerable victims on online dating sites before gaining their trust and asking for thousands of pounds.

NCA investigators found one victim, an elderly man from Australia, had believed he was in a relationship with Patrick. The couple gained the trust of their victim, first asking for small amounts stating it would be used to buy Patrick warmer clothes for winter. The victim was then told Patrick was entitled to 78kg of gold in Ghana and had to pay for it to be released, but that when it was she would move to Australia and live with him.

The victim went on to transfer 250,000 Australian dollars, almost £138,000 at the time it was sent, to the fraudsters. He also sent Patrick a new phone and multiple other smaller amounts of money over a year-long period. Moro and Patrick received hundreds of thousands of pounds more from a number of other victims which they laundered through their bank accounts.

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Hundreds of thousands of pounds taken from victims is also believed to have been sent straight to Moro’s bank accounts in Ghana

Investigators recovered emails from one victim who believed they were in a romantic relationship with a man they met online but who didn’t actually exist.

By July 2016, she received a request for money and was later persuaded to send £18,000 after fraudsters told her they were having problems with insurance.

Another victim was tricked into sending money to a man she thought was a German widower living in Ascot, buying gold, silver and diamonds for clients. They started a friendship and although she never met him, she regarded him as ‘a close friend and confidant’.

In March 2016, she was told he was overseas and had bought some precious stones, but was unable to leave the country until he had paid taxes on them. The victim was asked to pay the amount and was told ‘if you don’t loan me the money, that means you don’t care about me’.

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