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CS Bore launches Transitioning and Child Welfare guidelines | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

Huawei began the DigiSchool Connectivity project together with UNESCO and the government to connect schools to the Internet.

The project is currently at phase 2 with a particular focus on special needs schools. 

“We believe that once children and their teachers can use the internet in school it can help reduce inequality and open up opportunities all around the World,” Zhang said.

He, however, emphasised the need for teachers to ensure that children’s use of the internet is safe.

“We believe all children need to have access to the internet, and that it can truly enhance their lives and prospects, but we also recognise that this must be done safely,” he said.

“It is also important for parents to play their part too to enhance opportunities open to children from the internet whilst ensuring they have only positive experiences.”

Zhang took the opportunity to highlight the safety features and functions installed on Huawei devices which enable adults the nature of content children can access to enhance child safety.

These include the development of a child-specific tablet, complete with educational content for children, and all relevant content limitation software.

“We are particularly concerned for the well-being of children exposed to data and content that harms and damages their well-being, mentally, emotionally and physically and we are at the forefront championing for the rights of children and their safety,” he said.

Globally, Huawei is committed to building a better present and a better future for all children in line with the Global Strategy on the rights of the child and sustainable development goals.

In Kenya, the tech firm has also been making efforts to help the youth learn how to use the internet with DigiTruck, a mobile classroom that goes to remote areas to provide these critical skills.

So far, Zhang said the DigiTruck has been to over 25 different counties in Kenya.

“This week we will be graduating a class in Kajiado, for example,” he said.

“To every child, may your dreams be as big as your imagination and may you have the courage to chase them,” he added.


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