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  • Hanadi Al-Yafei: We will spare no effort to actively contribute to raising an informed generation that understands how to overcome technological issues that may affect their mental or physical health.

Sharjah: The Child Safety Department (CSD), an affiliate of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs in Sharjah, is actively promoting the significance of safeguarding children and securing their physical and psychological well-being. In October, the department conducted a series of awareness workshops targeting more than 1,074 participants, dedicated to addressing critical concerns, including online safety, artificial intelligence, and bullying, all of which significantly impact the welfare of children.

Active contribution towards raising an enlightened generation

Hanadi Al-Yafei, Director of CSD, emphasised the department’s commitment to creating a safe environment for children at home and school, saying, “The workshops conducted in the month of October addressed bullying and online security issues because they are central and of utmost priority for us. They align with our mission to educate the community, across all spectrums, about the importance of protecting children from harm and exploitation. We aim to  raise an informed generation that understands how to overcome issues that may affect their mental or physical health and the essential methods to address bullying they might encounter. The workshops also raised awareness of utilising artificial intelligence and the internet to expand their knowledge and realise their aspirations.”

Cybersecurity and AI in a modern world

The workshop on cybersecurity and artificial intelligence targeted students from the fifth to eighth grades attending Al Manar School for Girls. During the sessions, students received instruction on the essential principles of online safety, including the reasons why they may be targeted, such as the theft of valuable information and data. They gained insights into creating strong passwords, safeguarding their devices against hacking, and implementing Two-Factor Authentication for their social media accounts. The workshop also heightened awareness about cyberbullying, covering various forms it can take, recommended actions when confronted with bullying, and the psychological and physical risks linked to digital gaming.

Covering the topic of artificial intelligence through short videos, the workshop increased awareness of the potential risks that this new technology can present, including fake information and the dangers of publishing personal data as well as private images through social media platforms, which hackers can exploit. Participants were also briefed on contacting the relevant authorities in case of blackmail and account breaches.

Bullying and prevention

In the second workshop, which was conducted online and dedicated to issues around bullying, Dr. Heba Al Hariri, a psychological therapist from Saudi Arabia, addressed parents, teachers, and child protection experts about the causes and the roots of school violence, as well as its various forms, including physiological, emotional, social, and physical bullying. She highlighted the most effective mechanisms to overcome bullying and the elements needed to create a psychologically safe school environment.

Highlighting the multifaceted nature of bullying, she underscored that children may face harassment from various individuals, including their peers, educators, and even parents, both through direct and indirect means. It was pointed out that bullying has detrimental repercussions on a child’s mental, physical, and intellectual development. In terms of strategies and resources to prevent bullying, Dr. Al Hariri emphasised the necessity of implementing awareness and educational initiatives for students, teachers, administrative personnel, and parents to enhance their understanding of the consequences of bullying and how to combat it. She underscored the significance of promoting a culture where students feel comfortable reporting incidents of bullying while maintaining their privacy and well-being.



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