CS:GO Workshop Map Cyber War Quick Look

I found this cool map while going on a massive map download rampage of CS:GO steam workshop. It’s just way to cool and is appealing to all techies out there….

High Tech Crime Solutions

http://stolencomputeralert.com, http://www.GregoryDEvans.com, http://www.GregoryDEvans.net, http://www.Locatepc.net

3 thoughts on “CS:GO Workshop Map Cyber War Quick Look

  1. Brigham Bush

    Thanks for letting me. I will get that edited when i get home from work.
    Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. IHuntCamperzZ

    Link doesn’t take you to the map 🙁 Great video though!

  3. Brigham Bush

    The link is updated. Hope you enjoy the map. It’s a lot of fun playing with
    offline bots since there’s literally no one that plays it. However, if you
    got some friends to play it go for it.