‘CSI: Cyber’ season 2 episode 3 spoilers: Team tracks hacker of police’s body camera

Avery Ryan (Patricia Arquette) and the rest of her team take on a hacker bent on causing unrest in a small town in the upcoming episode of the CBS series “CSI: Cyber.”

In “Brown Eyes, Blue Eyes,” TV Guide reports that the cyber division will handle a delicate case involving a hacked police officer’s body camera. After an incendiary video goes viral, Avery and the gang must race against time to track down the hacker who is responsible for the crime. The culprit will stop at nothing to cause mayhem, and it is up to the team to put him behind bars.
Last episode was a bit too close for home for Raven (Hayley Kiyoko) after her friend Tracy (Lyndon Smith) got tangled up with a murder case. She was hacked by a man she met on a dating app. When the hacker was found dead and Tracy woke up with the murder weapon and no memory of what happened, things got dicey.
Tracy met the guy through the online dating site and decided to meet up with him. When he did not show up, she thought that he was not really interested in her. While nursing her wounded ego with too many drinks, she encountered a guy who simply could not take no for an answer.

Shortly after, Tracy’s life became a mess. Her utilities had been mysteriously cut off, someone had sent an email to her landlord terminating her lease, and she lost her job. Apparently, someone had been using her email address to send threatening messages to one of her coworkers. According to the emails, she and her colleague were having an affair and that Tracy was going to tell his wife about it.

Raven came to her friend’s aid by tracking down the guy she thought was responsible for hacking Tracy’s account. But when he turned up dead and Tracy was considered the prime suspect, she and the cyber unit were forced to rethink the whole case. It turned out that the dead guy was used as a decoy by Tracy’s persistent admirer from the bar.

The man set up a fake account using the victim’s profile, as he was insecure of using his real name and picture. When it was time to meet up with Tracy, he decided to approach her. When the girl turned him down, he was furious and decided to set her up for murdering her “online boyfriend.” Luckily, Raven and the rest of the team managed to solve the case and send the culprit to prison.

“CSI: Cyber” season 2 airs Sundays at 10:30 p.m. EST on CBS.


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