‘CSI: Cyber’ season 2 spoilers: Team jumps into the world of street car racing

Avery Ryan (Patricia Arquette) and her team will dive head first in the exciting but dangerous world of street car racing in the upcoming episode of the CBS series “CSI: Cyber.”

In “Gone in 6 Seconds,” TV Guide reports that the Cyber team’s new case will lead them to the streets, where a man is murdered while drag racing. A driverless car hit him head on, and no one can identify where it came from. The trail points to a hacker who has made cyber-hacking vehicles his personal mission. He gets his high in watching crashes he makes possible using remote-controlled cars. The squad must race against time to apprehend him before he can take another victim.
Last episode, the Cyber team stopped a major tragedy from happening when they caught a criminal intent on terrorizing even the sick patients of a busy hospital. The hacker held every patient hostage by controlling all the networked medical devices. To make matters worse, he asked that all his demands be met or he would kill one every hour.

Apparently, a group called Grey Ruin decided that it was time to open the eyes of the doctors that they were not gods. They chose a local hospital as an example. Upon investigation, the team learned that the collective was not who they said they were. Avery could not deny, however, that they were serious in their demands.

The group put a lethal malware that crashed the entire system of the hospital. It was designed in a way that a kill switch would be activated once a doctor tampered with the network, killing nine patients in one go. But the hackers made a mistake, which allowed the team the chance to trace their location. It turned out to be the work of only one person. A doctor from the hospital was frustrated that a younger doctor got promoted over her and decided to teach her colleagues a lesson.

Source: http://www.christiantoday.com/article/csi.cyber.season.2.episode.6.spoilers.team.jumps.into.the.world.of.street.car.racing/69451.htm

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