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CT police caution parents on back-to-school photo posts | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

East Hartford police are warning proud parents who post back-to-school photos of their children that sharing too much information online invites predators.

In this age of social media, many parents make a habit of snapping pictures of their children holding chalkboards or signs with their full names, grade they’re entering, teacher and school name, and other personal information predators can use to track kids and parents, police warned in a recent Facebook post. While their post may be private, it still might not stop an uninformed and well-intentioned relative or friend from sharing the image to a wider audience 

“Truthfully, we have not seen predators specifically for this,” Officer Marc Caruso said Thursday.  “However, it does happen across the country, and we just thought it would be a nice reminder for folks as kids go back to school.”

Predators, Caruso said, can learn a lot from the postings, including tracking down specific school bus routes.

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