Customers of BlackShades RAT reportedly being raided by FBI

If you have ever bought the Popular Remote Administration tool “BlackShades”, you should expect FBI at your doorsteps.
FBI is reportedly executing international raids with the help of local law enforcement.  Several users of ‘BlackShades’ in HackForums have reported that their house is being raided by FBI.  The authorities have seized computer, external Hard disk and other computer equipments.

Although RATs have legal uses, most of time it is being used by cyber criminals for malicious purposes.  Installing RATs with permission of computer’s owners is legal.  But installing the trojan in users’ machine without their permission is completely illegal.

“I got a visit from the german police because i bought BlackShades. “one user posted in HackForums.

” I don’t really care, because i only used it within my own network for testing purposes (tested compatibly with my crypter), but it’s really annoying that they have taken away my Windows PC & Laptop, external HDD”

One user reported that FBI has so far raided the users of Blackshades from Australia, Denmark, Germany and US.

The source code of the BlackShades was released in 2010. Last year, Symantec reported that tool is still being sold in underground markets and usage of RAT is increased.

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