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Customers of online retailer Temu are complaining that they’ve been hacked after using the site. TikTok user Dimples Queen (dimplesqueennini) posted a video alleging Temu stole her identity.

Dimples Queen says she posted her video, which has amassed more than 1.2 million views, to spread awareness about the dangers of online shopping. 

@dimplesqueennini I deleted the Temu app and I’m back to Nike, Zara and Fashion Nova lol. Please be careful when shopping online. Thank you to @American Express for catching the charges right away and refunding me my money. #temu #temuscam #fyp #stolenidentity #horrorstory #storytime ♬ original sound – Dimples Queen

Dimples Queen ordered from Temu about one week ago. Soon after, she says she learned that her credit card information had been stolen. “American Express was trying to contact me about fraudulent charges,” she says.

In a video, she shows viewers her credit card statement, which shows four charges to her account that she did not make herself. “AmEx is in the process of refunding these charges,” she adds. 

She says she does not recognize the company listed on the charge. “I think it’s funny that they listed a phone number to give them a call back,” she says. She thinks they did this to get more information out of her. “I absolutely did not call them,” she adds.

Shortly after, Dimples Queen saw posts from other creators making similar claims. Then, she says, “My friend China also sent me an article that says Temu is selling your information to the dark web.” 

“I’m sure all of y’all like cutesy clothes,” she says, “I’m just making this video as a warning.” She clarifies that doesn’t blame only Temu, and warns viewers to be careful when shopping online in general. 

“Do not use your regular card either,” she says. “Maybe Afterpay, I’ve heard it’s safer to shop with that.” 

One viewer comments, “I always use afterpay or Klarna. Never ever using a personal card like that.” 

Afterpay and Klarna are “buy now, pay later” services that allow shoppers to pay for merchandise in installments. While the consumer pays over time, the retailer is paid by these services in full upfront. Despite the perceived security from using such products, financial experts have raised concerns it might have a negative impact by allowing consumers to carry debt they can’t afford.

This isn’t the first time TikTok users expressed concerns about Temu. One customer says her PayPal was hacked after a purchase, and another claims the company sent her information to the black market. 

The Daily Dot reached out to Dimples Queen via TikTok and Temu via email for comment. 

*First Published: Aug 16, 2023, 8:33 pm CDT

Grace Fowler

Grace Fowler is a summer reporting and media fellow with the Daily Dot. She’s a recent graduate of Texas State University, where she studied mass communications.

Grace Fowler


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