Cyber Attacker will be charged for life in UK

Queen of Britain has introduced the new penalties for the cyber hackers, who caused threaten to the national security.

According to new Serious Crime Bill, the hackers, who were involved in the computer hacking and creating the chaos amongst the telecommunication, food distribution, and energy sectors are expected to face the lifetime charge by the Britain’s government.

The existing law charges that when someone is involved in the misuse of computer, he will be put into prison for 10 years.

The change in the 1990 Computer Misuse Act is also going to be introduced for the hackers, who will cause to the system. The changes in the law will be used by the authorities to assess the damage caused by the hackers.

As per the new law, if there will be any death, harm, or injury will happen then the law will force them to be in the jail for rest of the life.

If there would be any serious injury, threat, or environmental harm, the government may get them into the 14 years old prison.


Cyber Attacker will be charged for life in UK

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