Cyber crime police station becomes reality

The government has finally given a green signal to setting up the state’s first cyber crime police station in Dehradun. Till date, the state wasn’t equipped with a special force to deal with such crimes and cases pertaining to illegal online activities were being referred to police stations spread across all 13 districts.

After the government notification on Wednesday, all cases related to Information Technology Act would now be transferred to the cyber crime police station, where members of the special task force would conduct probe. Till the time a proper setup is built, the force will operate from the SSP (STF) office. All matters of cyber crime, including online frauds, bank frauds, crime through social networking websites and mobile applications will be investigated by the STF team.

Presently, the STF in Uttarakhand is led by SSP Sadanand Date and has a strength of 33 personnel. An additional team of 32 policemen, including an inspector and seven sub inspectors was approved by DGP B S Sidhu on Thursday for the specialized force. The new members are likely to join the STF in a month’s time.

“Criminals have gone hi-tech and introduction of a cyber crime police station will help in dealing with such cases. Mobile phone applications and social networking website are being used for crime and the police need to be prepared with technology to crack these cases,” said Sidhu, while adding that 32 officers for the new force have been sanctioned. “These policemen will be from different ranks and it will take about a month’s time to move them to the force.”

Sources said that due to the lack of a specialized force, the regular police were finding it hard to crack such cases and that a proposal in this regard had been sent to the state government in February last year.

When contacted, Sadanand Date termed it as a major step “We are confident of getting a lab soon which will help us further in solving such cases. For now, we have a STF team which can register cases and start probing them,” he said.