Cyber-crime rapidly increasing with thousands of Turks being targeted

Consumer Issues Association (TÜSODER) President Aydın Ağaoğlu states that on a daily basis 10,000 mobile phone and internet users fall into the traps set up by fraudsters.

Stating that the number of scams is growing rapidly, Ağaoğlu adds that he gets close to 200 calls per day from consumers who have been conned into making a transaction.

“I just cannot understand how a state which carefully monitors whatever people are saying over Twitter, seems incapable of tracking down online fraudsters,” Ağaoğlu said in reaction to authorities.

Stating even prosecutors in the country suffering from cell phones and internet fraud, Ağaoğlu said “later on, they [prosecutors] are calling me to ask whether they can take their money back from fraudsters.”

Ağaoğlu also states that the authorities are well aware of cell phones and internet fraud, but not taking necessary action against it.

“The authorities are waiting for us to complain [about the fraudsters]. But they should find them without complaint and bring a solution to the problem,” he added.

Saying that even if they complain about fraudsters, the authorities don’t take it serious, Ağaoğlu said that the authorities are responding six months later from the date they made a complaint.

“Last year we complained about fake honey, which was proven by laboratory tests. We still didn’t get response from the authorities, and the man, who sells that fake honey, continues his business,” Ağaoğlu added.

On the other hand, a lawyer, Rıdvan Yıldız, also criticized about the authorities over not taking an action against the cell phones and internet fraudsters by saying, “Each individuals living in Turkey could be faced with at least one fraud crime. There are hundreds of companies doing this business. Those companies could call 5,000 consumers and fraud 1,500 of them.”


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