Cyber gang rounded up by police after stealing THB1 million from victim’s K-Bank account

It seems like things couldn’t get better for Pansuthee Meeluekit, who received a refund for nearly THB1 million that was stolen from his bank account. But they have. The people responsible for the cyber crime have been caught. Apparently, the crime against him wasn’t the doing of one person, but was carried out by a group of six.
All six cyber thieves, natives of Ratchaburi province, have been caught by the police after they investigated the complaint made by Pansuthee, the owner of a car accessory shop in Ayutthaya.
Pansuthee’s bank account was hacked into when one of the gang members pretended to be a customer and asked for his ID card and bank account number, saying he wished to wire the money into Pansuthee’s account. With only these two pieces of information, the cyber gang was able to steal THB986,700.
The gang was able to make a fake ID card, which they used to obtain a new SIM card. With that new SIM card, they asked for the password for the K-Mobile Banking account from the call center.
The police cooperated with the victim’s bank and the mobile phone service provider, thanking them for the information and CCTV footage they provided that helped the police track the cyber thieves down, reported Thai PBS.
The gang consisted of three adults: Ekkapoj Rattanakorn, 29, Pattanarosspong Kansonthi, 33, Sureekrai Anumat, 30 and three minors, aged 17 and 18, whose names were withheld.
The perpetrators had split the money between the six of them. The police said they confessed to having committed nine other heists. They have earned approximately THB3 million each, according to Kapook.


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