Cyber hackers hijack scoreboard at Mercy Field at Lewis and Clark Park

They’ve got a brand new scoreboard and now the Sioux City Explorers are learning more than they thought they would about this new technology. The new electronic scoreboard was hacked and taken over by cyber criminals over the weekend.

A few months ago the Sioux City Explorers received a high tech scoreboard that would grab fans attention with new graphics to showcase along the big screen.

“When we first put it in we were hoping to be able to engage fans, have a lot more interaction and some content that they could enjoy in addition to baseball,” says Matt Adamski, President of Sioux City Explorers.

This past weekend, hackers were able to shutdown the scoreboard making it nearly unusable. The cyber criminals were able to encrypt a ransom, something Dacktonics, the scoreboard’s creator, says it’s never witnessed throughout its years of business.

“It was fairly generic. It said that we could take our chances and hope for a miracle while the price doubles, or we could go to a site and start mining bitcoins. We’ve learned a lot about the equipment. We’re maybe perhaps going to be a case study on how to do it. It’s just one of those fluke things that nobody saw coming.”

Moving forward, Matt says he as well as the rest of the management for the explorers have a fresh perspective when it comes to the matter of cyber security.

“We’re going to try and put in place some other precautions moving forward that make it a little less likely to happen in the future with how we upload our content into the system.”

The president says the team will be playing away this coming weekend giving technicians time to fix the issues. When the team returns home on the 30th of this month, he hopes to have the scoreboard fully functional for the fan’s enjoyment.


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