Cyber security for control systems

Attacks on IT which controls and ensures the safety of industrial plant are becoming more common, sophisticated and potentially damaging. The plant owner must be aware of the full range of possibilities for attack, and must deal appropriately with the vulnerabilities associated with each. EEMUA’s seminar on 8 November 2016 will be looking at the trends both in the way that industrial IT is used and at the developing threats and favoured modes of attack.

The seminar should be of interest to all those involved with industrial control systems and the business continuity of the industrial plant and processes.

Further detail is available on the EEMUA website or by contacting [email protected]

June 2016 saw reports of a new malware (Ironside) targeting SCADA systems. Reportedly borrowing Stuxnet techniques it appears to be less sophisticated. Probably “introduced” in 2014, it has been difficult to identify. This news highlights again that those operating industrial plant cannot be complacent, nor lethargic, in addressing the risks posed by cyber-attack on their operations.

EEMUA continues to be active in promoting awareness and good practice through its work on industrial cyber security, most recently with the production of an industry information sheet; “Cyber security assessment process for industrial control systems”. This was developed with input from power companies, power supply and distribution companies, instrumentation manufacturers, petrochemical companies, CPNI and the British Health and Safety Executive.

The assessment process has been designed for use by an on-site engineer who has been tasked with making sure appropriate cyber security protection measures are in place. Written for those with limited prior knowledge, it should still be useful for others by providing a framework to maintain any existing protection measures and increase their confidence in a rapidly changing technical field. It is predominately aimed at those working on physically contained sites but further considerations for geographically distributed systems are given. It is available for FREE download from the EEMUA website.


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