Cyber Security Expert

Job Description:
• Performing Cyber Security Audits as required by NERC.
• Meets regulatory requirements such as NERC CIP Standards with processes/procedures development and implementation.
• Performing vulnerability assessments of computing environments and analysis of results.
• Accountable for Security Event analysis.
• Responsible for the implementation and compliance within IT Business Systems of applicable NERC standards.
• The position will work from the IT Business Systems group and will interact extensively with Corporate Federal Regulatory Affairs and Operations personnel to ensure program implementation and compliance with NERC standards.
• Responsible for oversight ensuring the consistent implementation of new and existing program elements. Oversight is intended to detect potential issues and ensure appropriate actions are undertaken to ensure continued compliance.
Essential Responsibilities:
a) Provide cyber security support to business and technical teams of experts in the design of standardized products and customized solutions. Ability to perform Cyber Security Audits and Penetration Tests as well as mitigating Cyber Security Vulnerabilities. Coordinate Cyber Investigations and maintain forensic evidence as needed. Must be flexible to continuously changing demands and technologies and have the ability to maintain a library of security tools used as part of this function.
b) Provide guidance and training to internal staff including project managers, as well as customers and trade allies on cyber security issues.
c) Develops and supports business unit and team scorecard activities, tracking results and indicators utilizing technical applications.
d) Maintain and optimize use of standard cyber security tool sets.
NERC CIP responsibilities:
a. NERC standard compliance issue assessment.
b. NERC standard compliance review and new aspect development.
c. NERC audit preparation
d. Governance and Oversight interaction to ensure program implementation and compliance is maintained.
e. Participation peer teams as appropriate.

Preferred Experience:
• A strong technical background and understanding of the Bulk Electric System.
• Travel is required 25%


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