Cyber Security Northern Ireland

General Cybersecurity Conference

 March 29, 2018 | Belfast, United Kingdom

Cybersecurity Conference Description

In October 2017, National Cyber Security Centre CEO Ciaran Martin revealed in October that Northern Ireland has been hit by “significant” online attacks from hostile nations.

From accusations of state-backed hacking to the unprecedented global disruption caused by Ransomware – including the English and Scottish NHS, and attacks on the UK and Scottish Parliaments – the past year has seen the profile and destructiveness of cyber-attacks reach critical levels.

With threats accelerating in frequency and complexity, it is essential all organisations’ have the capacity to protect themselves from security breaches and the potentially catastrophic consequences.

In an age where being purely reactive is inadequate and unsustainable Holyrood Connect’s Inaugural Cyber Security Northern Ireland conference will examine the latest developments, emerging threats and good practice.

Join key stakeholders, experts and peers as we examine the next steps to strengthen defences, improve preparedness and cyber resilience.

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