Cyber Security Operations Manager

Job Description

Cyber Security Operations Manager with several years of leadership and management experience in information security and tool policy administration, tasked with protecting computers, networks, software, data, and/or information systems against all cyber threats through efficient and effective security system intrusion detection and administration.
The position designs and operates security systems, firewalls, security appliances, and network components, manages vendors and consultants, manages all policies and rules as approved by Meritor. This position may also lead security design teams in building new security solutions.
The position will operationalize and utilize new technologies and processes to enhance security capabilities, and will ensure the Company’s ability to detect, respond to, and protect IS Infrastructure from cyber-attacks, intrusion attempts, and security breaches.
The position will perform security monitoring, security and data/logs analysis, and forensic analysis, to detect security incidents, and mount incident response. The position also builds consistent processes to prioritize, create action plans, establishes escalations, and performs follow-up until resolved.
Included in the above, the position is responsible for process documentation and metrics reporting of all perimeter security including operational metrics and KPIs. Once operationalized, the position will automate data collection and monitoring, and then outsource transition execution to other teams.
The position also requires deep understanding of cybersecurity principles, trends and emerging technologies; an ability to identify risks associated with new technologies, and to decide on the right controls to mitigate such risks. This includes participation in information security conferences and professional organizations focused on threat protection.
The scope of this position includes:


    • Reporting to the Senior Director of IS Security, drive Meritor’s global cyber security tools and services, and perform regular monitoring of all information systems for threat events and trends.


    • Oversight and management of all security appliances, firewalls, and protecting computers, networks, software, data, and/or information systems.


    • Tracking and reporting of vendor services in support of security control systems.


Key Responsibilities


    • Manage completion of business network security requests and provide off hour support requirements as needed (in a rotation)


    • Manage IS Security operations to assure that security tool policy administration is regularly monitored for violations and updated, and that all threats events are addressed


    • Perform security monitoring, security and data/logs analysis, and forensic analysis, to detect security incidents, and incident response.


    • Operationalize and utilize new technologies and processes to enhance security intrusion detection capabilities and implement improvements.


    • Documents all related processes, maintains IS Security operational metrics and KPIs, and creates reports on process health and risk indicators


    • Maintain expertise in current and emerging technologies that protect against, intrusion detection, unauthorized access, denial-of-service attacks, and an ever increasing list of attacks by hackers acting as individuals or as part of organized crime or foreign governments


    • Work closely with the business groups as a consultant to understand and deliver secure and reliable solutions to business network security problems




    • Manage inventories and currency of security devices and software assets, identify, select, and implement new information security capabilities, and assist with annual operating plans and budgets


    • Understand and utilize change management, project management and incident management processes


Education, Experience and Skills


    • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or Engineering, or equivalent work experience with an information security focus


    • 2 or more years of experience in Information Security firewalls, intrusion protection, proxies, DLP filters, and appliances, including their administration of all policies and rules across all computers and networks.


    • 2 or more years of experience in managing and maintaining security tools including software and SaaS


    • Demonstrated record of successful experience in IS Security operations, department metrics and capabilities management, and team building with accountability


    • Demonstrated hands-on experience and skill in the details of security threats, incident management, and penetration testing as well as metrics and KPIs to measure success


    • Demonstrated experience in IS Security strategic thinking and planning on security issues, as well as a strong sense of project ownership


    • Possess strong skills to lead cross-functional teams (internal/client/vendor/onshore/offshore) and work collaboratively with all levels of technical and business teams.


    • Possess solid written and verbal communication skills, and polished presentation skills




    • Experience in information protection, information security and/or cybersecurity as a hands-on lead or manager


    • Subject Matter Expert in all topics related to cyber security, including security devices, proxies, filters, and appliances protecting computers, networks, software, data, and/or information systems


    • Experience in IS security operational metrics, maturity models, and dashboards


    • Experience in incident management including prioritization, action plans, escalations, and follow-up, using a documented and consistent process


    • Knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity operations as structured in NIST, ISO, and COBIT frameworks


    • Technical knowledge of current trends in cybersecurity, , host and network forensics, and cryptology


    • Experience in security architecture, assessments, product reviews, consulting


    • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in a cross functional team


    • Ability to motivate people, instill accountability and achieve results.


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