Cyber Threat Analyst

Location: DOE Headquarters, Washington D.C. Metro Area

Clearance: Active DOE Q & SCI Access

Security Requirements: Personnel are required to possess an active Department of Energy Q security clearance and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) access authorization in order to perform work under the contract.

Experience: Individual must possess five (5) years of experience in understanding and detection of foreign intelligence activity in the cyber domain and demonstrated ability to correlate Computer Network Operations (CNO) tactics, techniques, and procedures to known or suspected cyber threat actors.  Experience in cyber investigations and use of cyber forensics analysis tools, multi-source intelligence analysis, knowledgeable of U.S. intelligence community activities is required. Must be capable of conducting independent research, as well as, work with team members and partner agencies. Must have experience dealing with cyber based investigations and national security matters. Must possess excellent verbal and written communications skills, and have experience in conducting cyber interviews and defensive briefings and debriefings.  Must have demonstrated ability to work under pressure and meet short deadlines. Knowledge of DOE security and counterintelligence requirements related to the conduct of cyber activities, including conduct of investigations and defensive operations in accordance with applicable Federal law, Executive Order, and Intelligence Directives is required. Knowledge of DOE Orders, and DOE/NNSA facilities, policies and procedures is desired. Demonstrated creativity, innovation, flexibility, and analytical skills in problem solving are also desired.


Education: Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university is preferred.

Duties: Serves as Cyber Threat Analyst, specific duties and functions include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing integrated CI cyber-technical analytic expertise supporting the DOE Counterintelligence Directorate.
  • Conducting cyber analytical activities, evaluation of information/technical/physical security systems and practices, cyber investigations, and related duties.
  • Identify, investigate and analyze cyber events of CI significance;
  • Adapt and develop tools for applying standard cyber security and analysis practices to the CI mission.
  • Perform all source intelligence analysis to determine and report on characteristics of various systems/issues and other project/program objectives.
  • Analyze classified and unclassified networks to identify security vulnerabilities and intrusion detection parameters
  • Report changes, trends and implications of evolving issues.
  • Collect data, analyze results, and prepare reports relating to project/program objectives.
  • Integrate research results and analysis into operations.
  • Establish liaison with DOE offices, the USIC and law enforcement agencies.


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