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A hacker group identifying itself as Lionheart Hackers has declared the commencement of cyberattacks on Israel.

Following the digital escalation amidst the ongoing Israel-Palestine war, Lionheart Hackers stated that they will be targeting individuals who discuss the tragic deaths of Palestinian children, signaling a potent blend of cyber warfare and ideological warfare.

The motives behind Lionheart Hackers’ actions remain shrouded in vagueness. Still, their statement highlights a clear alignment with Palestinian interests in the protracted conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The group’s assertion, “We are Christians | we are Lionheart,” adds a layer of complexity, hinting at potential diverse affiliations beyond the immediate geopolitical boundaries of the region.

Lionheart Hacker: Claiming Upcoming Cyberattacks on Israel

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The emergence of Lionheart Hackers adds a new dimension to the multifaceted conflict, where traditional warfare intersects with digital battlegrounds. Gaza’s Health Ministry recently reported a staggering death toll among Palestinians, citing figures that continue to climb amidst the Israel-Hamas war, as reported by Voice of America

The grim statistics highlight the human cost of the conflict, with civilians, including women and children, bearing the brunt of the violence, which is also serving as the motivation for Lionheart Hackers to target Israel. In their argument, the hacker group stated that women and children should not be included in this war. 

“Israeli soldiers are attacking the peaceful people of Palestine, I mean children and women, women are being raped, children are being killed… We understand that this is a war, but we cannot give up humanity. We will not touch those who are against this genocide, we will only touch those who are possessed by a demon talking about the murder of Palestinian children”, stated the threat actor. 

Israel’s Response Plan and Ongoing Conflicts

Israel’s response to the cyber onslaught has been met with heightened vigilance, with cyber defense chief Gaby Portnoy denoting the escalating intensity of cyberattacks on Israel. Portnoy highlights a tripling of cyber attacks since the outbreak of hostilities, with Iran and its proxies, including Hezbollah, emerging as prominent actors in the digital onslaught against Israel, reported The Times of Israel.

The involvement of state-sponsored actors such as Iran and Hezbollah adds a layer of geopolitical complexity to the cyber conflict, blurring the lines between conventional warfare and cyber warfare. Portnoy’s disclosure of Iran’s civilian proxies conducting cyber attacks from Tehran highlights the transnational nature of the cyber threat Israel is facing. 

Additionally, as for the upcoming attacks claimed by Lionheart Hackers, the true nature and extent of their targets remain unknown, sparking speculation regarding their affiliation and agenda. While the group aligns with Palestinian interests, the intricacies of their connections and motivations need further investigation.

Moreover, between the fog of cyber warfare and geopolitical conflicts, The Cyber Express will be closely monitoring this situation and we’ll update this post once we have more information on the claims made by the Lionheart Hackers and the ongoing impact of cyberattacks on both Israel and Palestine.

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