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Sonakshi Sinha comes out in support of a poet who was getting rape and death threats on social media as she raises awareness against cyberbullying.

Sonakshi Sinha aims to stop cyber bullying; Urges Mumbai Police to help a poet getting rape threats

Social media has been one of the essential modes of communication these days, especially during the COVID 19 pandemic. While it has been a platform to express one’s view, lately social media has also become a platform for online harassment. In fact, many people have fallen victim to the same irrespective of their gender and have received rape and death threats. In fact, cyberbullying has been a common occurrence over the years. But looks like Sonakshi Sinha has decided to put a stop against cyberbullying now as the actress has been running a campaign to raise awareness about the same.

In fact, the Dabangg actress also came in support of poet, storyteller and TEDx speaker Dhruv Shah who recently became a victim of cyberbullying. To note, Dhruv had recently shared a video expressing his views on rape culture vs Nationalism. Soon after the video went live, the poet was subjected to harassment and a group of men even threatened to rape him. While he did call them out, he was later threatened him with abetment to suicide. Following, Dhruv shared a video narrating his ordeal and also spoke about lack of support from other activists.

Soon, Sonakshi came in his support and shared Dhruv’s video in her Instagram stories with a caption, “Let’s not suffer in the silence. Speak up, reach out Kyunki ab Bas!” Furthermore, she also urged Mumbai Police, Mission Josh and cyber expert Ritesh Bhatia to help Dhruv. Post Sonakshi’s efforts, Ritesh Bhatia and Mansi Dhanak and Vinav Bhanawat from Mission Josh got in touch with Dhruv to file a complaint in the matter following which the cyberbullying against him has reduced to a great extent.

Expressing his gratitude toward Sonakshi, he shared her Instagram story on social media and wrote, “This has been the most reassuring gesture. Thank You so much for your kindness”.

Meanwhile, Sonakshi, who has been busy raising awareness about cyberbullying, spoke about the same and asserted that it is high time that the cyber world becomes a better place for everyone. “This culture of disrespecting and harassing people online, hiding behind the garb of anonymity has gone on for way too long. The cyber-world is as big a part of our lives today. Things that are illegal to say or do in real life should be illegal on the internet as well. I can vouch for everyone has gone through some form of online bullying, trolling, harassment, or scam at some point in their lives, I just want to make it known that they don’t have to suffer through it anymore. There are laws in place that can help. Ab bas. The cyber-world also needs to be a better place for us,” she was quoted saying.

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