CyberCoders: Continued Dramatic Increase for Cybersecurity Jobs in 2014

IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 04, 2013--

CyberCoders, a leading worldwide recruiting firm, today released new data forecasting a dramatic increase in the demand for cybersecurity positions. CyberCoders analyzed more than 450,000 job postings from 2009 to 2013 to evaluate hiring trends in the cybersecurity industry. CyberCoders reveals a more than 100 percent increase in open jobs in cybersecurity in the last year and forecasts continued increase of nearly 30 percent in 2014. Research includes those working as Chief Information Security Officers, Security Analysts, Security Architects, Security Engineers, Security Software Developers to name a few.

As the premier technical recruiting firm, CyberCoders serves more than ten thousand technology companies for their staffing and recruiting needs. CyberCoders newly released data confirms the growing public concern for protecting personal data and preventing cyber attacks on private networks.

“The market demand for positions in cybersecurity continues to boom,” says Heidi Golledge, CEO and founder of CyberCoders. “Candidates with a cybersecurity background can expect to make $80,000 to $180,000 per year as they help either companies or the government protect their networks and data. CyberCoders has seen a rapid increase each year in the number of open jobs in this category and we expect the same growth for the foreseeable future as cybersecurity extends far beyond the government sector into nearly every company that has an Internet presence and data to protect.”

Below is an overview of year over year growth in cybersecurity positions.

CyberCoders Hiring Trends: Cybersecurity Positions

Job Title                          Average Salary  Date       YOY % Increase 
---------------------------------  --------------  ---------  ---------------- 
Chief Information Security Offer         $161,617  2011-2012         96% 
---------------------------------  --------------  ---------  --------- ---- 
Penetration Tester                        $81,500  2011-2012        119% 
---------------------------------  --------------  ---------  --------- ---- 
Security Administrator                   $101,518  2011-2012         99% 
---------------------------------  --------------  ---------  --------- ---- 
Security Analyst                         $103,273  2011-2012         92% 
---------------------------------  --------------  ---------  --------- ---- 
Security Architect                       $122,597  2011-2012         73% 
---------------------------------  --------------  ---------  --------- ---- 
Security Consultant                      $112,935  2011-2012         53% 
---------------------------------  --------------  ---------  --------- ---- 
Security Engineer                        $117,766  2011-2012         88% 
---------------------------------  --------------  ---------  --------- ---- 
Security Software Developer              $101,127  2011-2012         39% 
---------------------------------  --------------  ---------  --------- ----

“We expect to see even more growth than what we are on track for in 2013, based on our data we predict a 30 percent increase by 2014,” says Matt Miller, Chief Technology Officer for CyberCoders.

In addition, CyberCoders forecasts an increase in the amount of money companies are willing to invest in cybersecurity. “Companies are putting more emphasis on executive level positions in cybersecurity. CEO’s are beginning to understand the true value these positions have in an organization,” says Miller. For example, a Chief Information Security Officer on average makes more than $160,000 dollars a year, and often leads a team of people whose sole purpose is to protect data and company networks.

“We speak a lot about hiring those who specialize in big data, but the need for people in these highly specialized security positions is just as great, more than ever companies are investing to keep vital information secure, a trend we will not see decreasing anytime soon,” says Golledge.

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