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Cybercrime cells arrest three including woman in latest swoop – Crime | #cybercrime | #infosec


The arrest were recorded in cybercrime Rawalpindi and Gilgit circles

 RAWALPINDI (Dunya News) – Cybercrime circles across the country have started playing a very vibrant role as the online crimes have started to intensify amid technological boost.

Reportedly, Cybercrime Rawalpindi circle has apprehended a suspect identified as Nasir Masheeh for his alleged involvement in monetary frauds. The suspects used to loot the innocent citizens by luring them for fake parcels.

Cybercrime Gilgit circle has also arrested two suspects identified as Zohaib Aziz and a woman named Benazir for online crimes. According to the initial details, the suspects had the objectionable visuals of the victim and are involved in spreading them on social media.

Investigations regarding these matters have been initiated. The technological boost in Pakistan is also giving impetus to many inly crimes such as hacking, blackmailing and phishing attacks.

The concern about the cyber security is increasing on a global level and countries are imposing heavy fines of platform for their negligence to curb such frauds and piracy.

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