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Thomas Wicke, Schunck Group managing director

Only cybercrime worries logistics company executives more than the ongoing lack of skilled workers in the sector, according to a global survey by the Logistics Hall of Fame.

The risk ranking survey, conducted in cooperation with insurance company Schunk Group, found almost 35% of the companies surveyed had already suffered financial losses due to a lack of personnel.

Around 26% of respondents rated the risk of suffering financial losses due to a shortage of suitable personnel as “extremely high”.

Cybercrime (68%) was the only issue more concerning to companies than the skills shortage.

Political risks, climate change, legal changes and supply chain disruptions were ranked next by survey respondents.

Of those surveyed, 92% named the creation of attractive working conditions as the most important means of combating the shortage of skilled workers.

“It is directly in the hands of the companies to precisely turn this adjusting screw,” says Thomas Wicke, Schunck Group managing director.

“Companies have numerous opportunities to position themselves as an attractive employer and offer more than other companies, even beyond appropriate pay.”

The survey also found:

  • 69% of respondents believed the promotion of employee training and personal development was a possible way of finding and retaining skilled workers;
  • 46% highlighted the need to drive forward digitalisation; and
  • 38% rated the development of a good employer brand as important.

The survey, which focuses on an executive C-suite panel of managing directors, board members and entrepreneurs from the Logistics Hall of Fame network and the Schunck Group, is conducted several times a year on various topics.

The survey presents a current picture of the mood in the industry and does not aim to be representative.

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