Cybercrime #warning for #homes and #businesses

BUSINESSES and households around the region have been warned about the growing danger of cybercrime.

The rise of the internet has led to the potential impact of cyber-theft, cyber-vandalism and even cyber-extortion increasing dramatically, with experts warning that the more we rely on the net, the more potentially vulnerable we become.

Mark Hughes, chief executive of BT Security, said it was “a daunting thought” that there are now about 27 billion devices connected to the internet, more than three times the human population of the world, and that this figure was expected to reach 125 billion by 2030.

Mr Hughes said: “If you think this issue doesn’t affect you and that it is a mainly a matter for governments and large organisations, then think again.

“There are growing indications that small and medium businesses, the bedrock of a regional economy such as the one in Yorkshire and the Humber, are increasingly in the firing line of the criminals, and research indicates that many are unprepared to meet this threat. Research by Accenture showed that 55 per cent of British workers can’t recall receiving cyber security training, whilst one in five weren’t sure they could identify a phishing email – a common method used by cyber criminals to raid personal bank accounts.”

Mr Hughes said BT security team detect 100,000 unique malware samples every day – more than one per second – and protect the BT network against more than 4,000 cyber-attacks daily.

He urged all homes and businesses to take steps to protect themselves from cyber attacks, including updating anti-virus software regularly, installing any patches recommended by the software, investing in regular cyber security training for staff, and reminding staff to be wary of opening suspicious emails or links.

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