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Global security awareness training company, CybeReady, has introduced its most advanced training solution to date, featuring a variety of new features such as the Internal Communication Center (Internal Comms) and Employee Scorecards.

The aim of these new features is to reinforce a culture of continuous improvement and proactive security whilst increasing training engagement.

As cyber-attacks increase in frequency and sophistication, it has become apparent that solid employee security awareness is essential in forming a robust front-line of defence against potential threats.

Regular, engaging cybersecurity training programmes equip the workforce with the necessary skills to identify and halt threats ranging from phishing scams to data breaches. Sustaining a workplace culture underpinned by continuous learning and cybersecurity awareness is a significantly effective measure taken by organisations to reduce their vulnerability to attacks.

The newly enhanced solution suite launched by CybeReady comprises of an innovative Internal Comms Center, designed to enhance communication across all levels of an organisation. Amongst its many features, it includes Managerial Reports and Employee Scorecards, a notable advancement in personalising cybersecurity training for corporate employees.

Managerial Reports facilitate improved department communications, while Employee Scorecards provide a detailed assessment of each employee’s performance in terms of security-related skills.

Keeping staff updated on employee progress and important security notifications, Internal Comms acts as a vital tool to manage workforce communication effectively. With an analytics page included to provide insights into the behavioural tendencies of employees, the feature enables organisations to better understand and improve their security posture, the company states.

In addition, Employee Scorecards send employees a personalised performance assessment every three months. Ratings, conveyed on a scale of one to five stars, are done so in a friendly manner to encourage enhanced cyber awareness.

To make them more personalised, scorecards are aligned with an employee’s native language and the corporate brand’s colour scheme, and can also be customised based on the preferred visual and design themes.

With the rise in QR code phishing attacks, the CybeReady training solution has been fortified with QR-based phishing simulations. Seamlessly incorporated into learning cycles, the simulations teach employees how to identify potential threats in QR-based attacks. This proactive measure is integral in responding to the rapidly changing landscape of cybersecurity threats.

According to reports from the Global Market Estimates (GME), “The Cybersecurity Awareness Training Market is projected to grow from USD $1.8 Billion in 2022 to USD $12.14 Billion by 2027, a CAGR of 45.6% from 2022 to 2027.”

CybeReady’s Head of Product, Michal Gil, said on the new features announcement, “By providing personalised, engaging training and insights using Employee Scorecards, we foster a proactive, security-first culture, allowing for more proactive measures to be taken before a cyberattack gains a foothold.” This statement demonstrates the company’s commitment to enhancing cybersecurity training and proactively managing the risk of cyberattacks.


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