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AHMEDABAD: Compared to 242 offences registered by the state police for sections of IT Act and relevant sections of IPC in 2015, cyber crime jumped 89% to 458 cases in 2017.
The report ‘Crime in India 2017’ by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) states total 427 persons fell prey to frauds – 42 were duped online, 41 were victims of ATM fraud whereas 14 registered complaints for cheating with one-time password (OTP).

The report states that cities recorded a major jump in cyber crimes. In Ahmedabad, cyber frauds rose from 77 in 2016 to 112 in 2017. In Surat, the cases were 66 and 105 respectively. Thus, while the state recorded a jump of 26.5% year-on-year, the rise was 45% for Ahmedabad and 59% for Surat. Over all, Gujarat ranked 12th in India in the total number of cyber crimes recorded in the country.
Fraud was termed the motive in 305 out of 458 cases, amounting to 66% of total cases. While 79 of the offences were committed to ‘cause disrepute,’ 24 were committed for sexual exploitation of the victim. Six of the accused confessed personal revenge as driving force whereas three claimed that they had committed crime for prank.
A senior cyber cell official said the number of applications for complaints has been increasing over past five years. “The figure reflects the rise in awareness – we are getting one application every day. Broadly, these cases can be divided into two broad categories, financial fraud and social media-related infamy,” said an official.

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