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Send away anyone who shows up unannounced

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Ana Bera, the cofounder of Safe at Last, says that a representative who comes to your home without an appointment can be a sign of fraud. “Nobody wants to be unsafe in their own home. This fact is what frauds count on when they appear at people’s houses as representatives of certain security providers,” she explains. “However, they never have a scheduled appointment and tend to appear out of the blue. If this is the case, people should be extremely cautious, since none of the security companies randomly send representatives without first checking with the customers.” Of course, you don’t have to open your door to encounter a scammer. These 10 phone call scams could steal your money.

However, there are exceptions to every rule

There are still a few home security companies that employ door-to-door salespeople, including major players such as Vivint and ADT. So, how can you spot a fake? Vivint sales representatives will always be in uniform as well as have a photo ID and badge number that can be verified quickly on the company’s website. If you aren’t sure if a salesperson is an authorized representative of any company, ask to see a badge number and business card. Then call customer service, just to make sure they’re legitimate. If they are, they should have no problem sharing this information. To avoid salespeople altogether, opt for one of these best-reviewed security cameras and then install the camera yourself.

A legitimate sales rep won’t pressure you

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Bera warns that scare tactics, such as creating a sense of urgency, are a go-to for scammers. “For instance, they may claim that there’s a high level of danger all of a sudden that needs to be addressed [right then],” she says. “Or they may try to push people into making a deal, without giving them enough time to think about the offer and decide on their own.” Someone who works for a credible security service provider would never treat potential customers this way. So, if that is happening, tell the person to leave, close your door, and lock it.

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