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CCB sleuths who went to track down cyber criminals to Rajasthan, return empty handed

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) sleuths trip to track down cyber-crooks to a remote village in Rajasthan, seemed like a waste of time. The CCB only managed to arrest one person, who only had connections with to the gang. The actual gang that operated from Deeg, in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, is believed to have been tipped-off by the local police. CCB sleuths believe that the local police works hand-in-glove with the gang.

This notorious gang is the brain behind the recent spurt in Cybercrimes in Bengaluru pertaining to QR codes. These codes, when scanned, debit money from the victim’s bank accounts linked with digital wallets, on their mobile phones. The gang members posed as army personnel who were getting transferred and won credibility with their victims. The scam is still active numerous people have fallen prey to the gang.

A senior CCB official elaborated how the gang has at least a dozen members and with their illegal earnings, they have built houses in Deeg, worth Rs 60 lakh to 70 lakh.

On December 23, a team of eight CCB members, along with two police inspectors, reached Deeg. The team members were tracking the phone numbers the culprits, who were using the number to make calls to potential victims. They would ask sellers to come near Command Hospital in Cambridge Layout, to show them the vehicles they have for sale. The CCB members posed as potential buyers and kept tracking the gang.

Despite have narrowed the culprits to an area in Deeg, the CCB team did not manage to nab them. However, one Karan Singh was taken into custody. Singh is believed to be one of the beneficiaries in the scams and also gets commissions from the gang, said the officer on part of investigations.

“We made a mistake by informing the local police about our operation,” said the official.

We will soon go to back to Deeg for another operation to nab this gang, this time with our DCP, and we will not inform the local Deeg police.

–The senior official said

The CCB team said that the local police had not helped them with their operations and instead acted as road blocks. First the CCB team was not allowed to enter the locality where the gang was believed to be hiding. Additionally, instead of offering the protection, the CCB team was also discouraged to chase the culprits, fearing the violent reaction from the locals. The Deeg police also promised that they would bring in the culprits and the CCB team was made to wait. When the Deeg police returned, they said the culprits had escaped. Seeing their absolute lack of support, the CCB suspects the Deeg police works in tandem with the cyber criminals.

While applying for a transit warrant for the Karan Singh, the CCB teams complained to the magistrate about the lack of support from the Deeg police and also expressed their suspicion about the Deeg police’s intentions.

The CCB team has brought Karan Singh to Bengaluru and are trying to establish his involvement in cases of QR code scams that have been registered across the city.

“We will soon go to back to Deeg for another operation to nab this gang, this time with our DCP, and we will not inform the local Deeg police. Instead, we will straight be conducting a raid after informing the SP’s office,” said senior official.

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