#cyberfraud | #cybercriminals | ‘I’m going to change my password’: cyber day for girls

From cyberbullying and phishing scams to protecting your password, a cybersecurity workshop geared toward girls was held at IBM on Thursday.

“I think it will help girls see what girls can do in this kind of industry,” said Grade 8 student Brianna Sullivan.

65 students from four schools attended IBM’s “Cyber Day for Girls.” It featured presentations and hands-on activities highlighting things like hacking and privacy.

“To teach them about how to protect themselves online and understand the importance of staying safe online and being selective about the information they share about themselves,” said Heather Ricciuto, with IBM security.

“I wanted to come here to learn how to be safer on the internet because it’s actually a pretty big problem that people are being hacked and just also for fun to learn some stuff,” said Alexandra Riggins.

IBM has hosted this event in Ottawa before and has held similar sessions for girls around the world. 

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