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It’s the biggest online shopping day of the year – Cyber Monday.

And it’s a day when shoppers are becoming more and more cautious, with good reason.

“Recently, I had to buy something off a site and it just didn’t look right. They were asking questions you don’t need to ask,” said Wichita resident Immanuel Scott.

Another resident said she’s seen fraudulent sites before and was grateful she noticed the slight misspelling.

“I’ve seen some things come out where it says 90 percent off,” said Becca Boldra. “But if you look, the website doesn’t match. It will be ugg-c instead of their actual website.”

Here’s the scheme – scammers use fake ads so you’ll click and go to their site. Then that site can steal your information.

ICE even tweeted out a warning about fake websites, with examples of bogus sports jerseys. The tweet said, “Don’t get fleeced by fakes.”

“You go ahead and place your order and now they have your financial information they can sell on the black market or steal your identity,” said Denise Groene, state director for the regional Better Business Bureau.

The regional Better Business Bureau is seeing more reports of counterfeit goods from those fake websites. You think you’re getting a good deal, until you learn it’s bogus.

“Look at the top browsers,” Groene said. “The URL should say https. It means the website is encrypted.”

It’s such a problem, homeland security confiscated more than $500 million worth of fake goods.

Tips to avoid getting scammed:

  • Look for correct spelling on web addresses
  • Get antivirus software that can detect unsecured sites
  • Price check
  • Use credit cards

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