#cyberfraud | #cybercriminals | Regional head of pizza outlet alleges cyberfraud

Regional head of a large pizza outlet filed a complaint of cyberfraud against anonymous owner of a website and toll free number masquerading as a seller of franchises for the company.

Mrugesh Chaudhary, 35, district head of an Indian firm that runs franchises of a multi-national pizza restaurant business, filed the complaint. He claimed the accused had created a fake website, used the MNC’s logo and was defrauding people by claiming to sell franchises of the restaurant business.

The FIR stated that an alleged victim had also paid Rs 48,500 to the accused in lieu of hoping to get a franchise and later realising that he had been duped, drawn his attention to the same. The fake website stated in the FIR is ‘dominosfranchaises.com’.

The complainant made it clear that his firm, headquartered in Noida, had no association with the fake website and sought a probe.

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