#cyberfraud | #cybercriminals | UK’s National Cyber Security Centre fights payment card fraud

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), Britain’s cyber-defence centre has prevented more than one million cases of suspected payment card fraud in 2018, its annual review reveals.

The NCSC was set up in 2016 as part of a GBP 1.9 billion cyber-security strategy. It acts as a central body overseeing cyber-security in the UK and has a role in advising businesses on the best way to stay safe online. NCSC said a dedicated anti-fraud effort stopped the cards being abused and halted more than 1,800 cyber-attacks aimed at UK citizens and businesses in its first three years.

The security centre had run Operation Haulster in 2018 that sought to uncover which payment cards were being targeted by online fraudsters. The operation told banks about potential targets so they could prevent future attacks or spot when cards were being abused.

Other work carried out by the NCSC includes speeding up the sharing of information about active threats, actively tackling malicious websites set up for phishing campaigns, and giving advice to political parties to help them keep data protected.

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