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Resecurity, a prominent global cybersecurity company, and CyberPeace Foundation, a distinguished global organization advocating cybersecurity and digital peace, have united forces through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bolster cybersecurity resilience, raising awareness about cyber threats, and foster digital peace. The MoU signing ceremony took place at The American Center, US Embassy 

This alliance between Resecurity and CyberPeace Foundation marks a pivotal moment in ongoing efforts to combat cyber threats and cultivate a safer digital environment for individuals, organizations, and communities worldwide. Leveraging their respective expertise, resources, and networks, both entities aim to confront the evolving challenges posed by cybercrime and safeguard the global digital infrastructure.

Key highlights, underscored by the Resecurity-CyberPeace Center, encompass various advantages. Both entities will engage in joint research and development initiatives aimed at tackling emerging cyber threats. They will implement capacity-building programs designed to enhance cybersecurity awareness and skills within both individual and organizational spheres. By collaborative advocacy efforts will be undertaken to promote policies and practices that reinforce cybersecurity measures and contribute to digital peace. By signing the  MoU facilitates the sharing of information and best practices to bolster incident response capabilities and resilience in the face of cyber threats. Through these concerted efforts, Resecurity and CyberPeace Foundation are committed to synergizing their impact, fostering a more secure and resilient cyberspace for generations to come.

Expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, Vineet Kumar, Founder and Global President, CyberPeace: “We firmly believe that collaboration holds the key to addressing the intricate challenges of cybersecurity. Through our partnership with Resecurity, we are dedicated to harmonizing our efforts and resources to fortify cybersecurity resilience and advocate for digital peace, both within India and on a global scale. Together, we strive to amplify our impact, fostering a safer and more secure digital environment for all stakeholders.”

Emphasized the significance of the collaboration, Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity: “In today’s interconnected world, collaboration is essential to effectively combating cyber threats. By partnering with CyberPeace Foundation, we aim to leverage our expertise in threat intelligence and cybersecurity to contribute to a safer digital ecosystem for all.”

Through their collaboration, both companies will be more efficient in delivering endpoint protection, risk management, and cyber threat intelligence, among other practices, benefiting not only India but also global cybersecurity efforts. This partnership will establish a concrete boundary against cyber threats and malicious practices, thereby fostering digital peace and online safety on a broader scale.


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