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The healthcare industry has witnessed a cyberattack on Change Healthcare, a significant healthcare technology company owned by UnitedHealth Group. The incident has disrupted the company’s systems, with effects anticipated to last through the day. This occurrence highlights the persistent concerns about the security of healthcare data and the potential repercussions on patient care and operations.

Details of the Cybersecurity Attack

According to reports, Change Healthcare has been hit by a cybersecurity attack. The company immediately collaborated with law enforcement and top cybersecurity firms to investigate and address the incident. Measures were taken to contain the threat and protect customer data by taking the systems offline. Despite the attack, Change Healthcare has managed to maintain its support for its customers and is exerting efforts to restore regular operations as swiftly as possible.

The Impact of the Cybersecurity Attack

The cyberattack has caused a network interruption, affecting local pharmacies and healthcare providers. Change Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare technology companies in the United States, handles patient payments across the US healthcare system. It processes 15 billion healthcare transactions annually, and one in three US patient records is touched by their clinical connectivity solutions. The specific nature of the cybersecurity incident was not disclosed. However, the company responded promptly to disconnect their systems and prevent further damage.

Change Healthcare’s Role in the Healthcare Industry

Change Healthcare holds a significant position in the U.S. healthcare technology landscape. The company’s merger with Optum, owned by health insurance giant UnitedHealth Group, in a $7.8 billion deal in 2022, has allowed Optum extensive access to patient records for tens of millions of Americans. The recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare, therefore, raises concerns about the security of a vast amount of healthcare data.

Healthcare Data Breaches in Recent History

In January 2024, the US Department of Health and Human Services reported 61 data breaches of 500 or more records, a 22% reduction from the previous month but 45% higher than January 2023. There were also 24 data breaches involving 10,000 or more healthcare records, with hacking incidents accounting for 21 of them. The most common location of breached healthcare data was network servers. This information underscores the need for continued attention and investment in the cybersecurity of healthcare systems.

The Response to the Cyberattack

While the specific nature of the cybersecurity incident has not been disclosed by Change Healthcare, the company has taken immediate measures to safeguard its partners and patients. However, neither Change Healthcare nor UnitedHealth Group have provided a comment in response to the incident, leaving many awaiting their plans to mitigate the effects of the attack and ensure the safety and integrity of healthcare information and services.


The cybersecurity of healthcare systems remains a critical issue that requires diligent attention and investment. As healthcare companies continue to handle vast amounts of sensitive data, the need to protect this information from potential cyber threats becomes increasingly crucial. The cyberattack on Change Healthcare serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities that exist within the healthcare industry, highlighting the importance of robust cybersecurity measures to protect patient data and ensure the continuity of healthcare services.


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