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Empowering Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Expert Insights and Tips for Digital Safety

In today’s tech-driven world, cybersecurity is more crucial than ever. As our digital footprints expand, so do the risks. The digital age has brought amazing innovations, changing how we live and work. But it also brings an avalanche of cyber threats. October is celebrated as Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM), which began in 2004, thanks to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance. It’s a joint effort between the public and private sectors, reminding us to guard our digital lives and data from those pesky cyber threats.

To steer this complex landscape, cybersecurity experts have shared some of their insights and tips that you must know.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Expert Insights

Parag Khurana, Country Manager, Barracuda Networks (India) Pvt Ltd says “As October 2023 marks the 20th Cybersecurity Awareness Month, this annual event has exhorted people and businesses to take certain measures that underpin cybersecurity and the importance of staying safe online over two decades. Despite the basic understanding, millions of organisations and their employees struggle to adopt it. It’s not just passwords and patching, usually, people ignore technical advice even when they know it’s right.”

“..our recently launched Antivirus Version 24 that revolutionizes consumer digital protection. This version not only simplifies user experience but empowers them with a cloud-based platform called metaProtect that enables them to manage cybersecurity on-the-go. It equips them with features like Security and Privacy scores that share personalized assessments and recommendations to educate & interact to make complex realms of cybersecurity easy to understand and fun to use encouraging greater adoption of digital security on the whole.,” said Dr. Sanjay Katkar, Joint Managing Director, Quick Heal Technologies Limited.

Similarly, Raj Sivaraju, the President at APAC, Arete, voiced his views that “We are witnessing unmistakable trends and shifts in ransomware threats, with prominent groups like ALPHV/BlackCat and LockBit poised to continuously refine their tactics, exploiting novel vulnerabilities and expanding their reach. As we navigate this intricate digital terrain, it is imperative to recognize that cybersecurity is no longer just a task; it has become an ongoing strategy. In this landscape, awareness serves as our compass, and vigilance as our shield.

The digital landscape will continue to evolve, and with it, new threats will emerge. However, armed with the insights and tips garnered during this month, we are better prepared to face the challenges ahead.

Hence, here are some key tech insights and tips for digital safety that you must know.

Cybersecurity Tips in the Digital Age

1. Read the manual.

Research has shown that fewer than 25% of people ever read the manual or instruction guide that comes with a new device or application. People are increasingly impatient and prefer to learn through trial and error. To address this, organizations can focus on creating more intuitive interfaces and user-friendly documentation, reducing the need for extensive manuals.

2. The right way of deleting an unwanted app.

Simply deleting an unwanted app won’t necessarily delete any personal data it holds– it’s essential to visit your app store, locate the application, clear the data and cache, and then uninstall the app to ensure complete removal.

3. Proper solution to fix the problem.

Repetitive actions like hitting the refresh or restart button won’t fix underlying problems. Organizations should encourage users to seek proper solutions rather than repeating ineffective actions.

4. Set a strong password.

Passwords are the keys to online assets and data– the importance of setting strong, unique passwords cannot be overstated. It’s crucial to educate users on password security best practices and promote the use of password managers.


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