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The Agribusiness Council of Indiana is preparing for their annual summer conference next month. The two-day event on August 15th and 16th will be held at the Embassy Suites in Noblesville.

ACI President and CEO Bruce Kettler says the conference will cover a variety of topics, including the growing concern in the agribusiness sector about data security.

“Especially things like network security, cybersecurity for businesses and what that looks like. We’ve got some folks from the FBI coming in. We’ve got some businesses, insurance companies and others, that work with businesses to make sure that their cybersecurity, their networks, all their data security is in good shape.”

The Department of Homeland Security will be there too.

Kettler says there is increased interest in biologicals across the industry.

“What are they? What’s the purpose? We’re seeing a lot of money and research flow into biologicals, and companies are doing a lot of really good work around that. We’re going to bring in somebody to talk about biologicals- what they do, maybe more importantly, what don’t they do, and why people should consider looking at biological materials.”

Dr. Kevin Folta, professor of horticulture at the University of Florida, will be the keynote speaker. Folta has spent years explaining the science behind GMO’s and why they’re good for agriculture, debunking plenty of GMO myths along the way.

Kettler encourages you to visit their website for more conference information.

“By the way, non-members are welcome to attend. They’re welcome to go to the ACI website and they can see the information.”

Interested in learning more? Click the play button below to hear the full HAT interview with Kettler about what to expect at this year’s ACI Conference.


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