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When looking to keep a remote workforce secure, IT admins need to evaluate their current identity and access management (IAM) toolkit and address any potential holes in how they remotely manage devices and control what those devices and users can access. In order to optimize remote worker security, you may need to consider a new tool to cover your needs.

Breaking Down the IAM Toolkit

The first place to consider when optimizing remote worker security and uptime is the focal point of their work: their system.

Device Management

An end user’s device is the gateway to access all of their other IT resources. Although it can be used remotely with little effort on the part of the end user, the device is subsequently out of IT’s direct control, making it more susceptible to attack if stolen or otherwise compromised.

As such, IT admins need to be able to leverage the cloud to tightly manage each remote system, establishing device trust through security policies and enhancing performance by making sure that the system is properly updated and configured. When it comes to actually managing these requirements, however, many IT organizations using traditional IAM infrastructure find they are ill-equipped to do so.

After all, many traditional IAM tools are built with a specific operating system in mind, and often are designed to solely tend to devices and resources that operate on-premises. To make up for these struggles, organizations often find themselves spending too much on a wide range of IAM services to keep up with the current IT landscape.

IT organizations need to seek out IAM solutions that they can use to manage any system — regardless of location or OS. This all-in-one type of solution should include the ability to enforce: 

  • Strong, complex passwords
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • Full disk encryption (FDE)
  • Other system policies such as screen lock and scheduled OS updates

While not an extensive list of requirements, these are certainly important items to consider, and should be key criteria when finding a solution to manage devices across your remote workforce.

Access Control

Once the device is taken care of, (Read more…)

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