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In a cyber-attack or a data breach, the first 48 hours are critical, with a deep focus on forensics and technological capabilities. You’ll need to work with your board while simultaneously managing a wide range of teams within the organization, from risk management to IT, legal and compliance to business continuity. Externally, you face strict reporting requirements from regulatory agencies, further investigations and an expectation of transparency from the public.

Having a robust response plan – and proper training in how to implement it – will build resilience within your organization, steering you clear of common pitfalls and setting you on the road to recovery. Our team can help you put the right processes in place so that you can respond decisively to any incident, armed with practical, real-time advice.

With expertise on the ground across the world, we can play an international coordination role and triage a breach across all markets, ensuring that nothing slips between the cracks. We’ll draw from our extensive network of current and former government and regulatory contacts, both inside and outside the firm, to ensure you have 360° advice. And we’ll look ahead to anticipate any challenges that may follow on from the original incident.

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