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Cybersecurity expert warns that latest Instagram trend is a ‘field day’ for password stealing hackers | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #ransomware

  • A new Instagram trend sees people share answers to personal questions 
  • The questions  ranging from age, height, day of birth to favorite foods
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In the digital age, people are all for sharing a play-by-play of where and what they’re doing.

That has become the latest trend on Instagram – users share answers to 11 questions ranging from age, height, and day of birth to more obscure questions like their favorite foods and phobias.

While it may seem innocent, a cybersecurity expert has warned that the ‘Get to Know Me’ trend is a ‘field day’ for hackers.

That is because many people use those exact answers as passwords for everything from online banking to email and credit card sites. 

The new Instagram ‘Get to Know Me’ trend has experts warning about sharing your personal information

Cyber and strategic risk analyst Eliana Shiloh posted a TikTok video warning her followers about the ‘Get to Know Me’ trend and alerting them to immediately delete posts and videos of the trend.

‘I won’t lie, I almost fell victim to this. I literally started filling it out, and then I was like, ‘Wait a damn minute,” she said in the video.

While deciding which phobias to list, Shiloh said she paused and realized that some of the questions were the answers to many of her security questions.

She quickly posted a video to TikTok warning everyone to ‘delete that sh*t right now’ and saying the ‘creeps of the cyberweb are going to have a field day with this trend.’

Shiloh was accused of making a mountain out of a molehill by her followers, who dismissed her concerns, saying their answers had nothing to do with their passwords or security questions.

Shiloh posted a follow-up video and said: ‘If I have to sit here and explain why giving out a list of your personal information online is dangerous, then like…’ she began.

‘Obviously, no one’s security question is ‘What is your birthday?’ But using your birthday, they can find out many things about you and use that information to get into some of your accounts,’ she added.

Eliana Shiloh is a cyber and strategic risk analyst who warned about participating in the 'Get to Know Me' trend.

Eliana Shiloh is a cyber and strategic risk analyst who warned about participating in the ‘Get to Know Me’ trend.

Although the trend was initially posted on Instagram stories, which disappeared after 24 hours, many people have reposted them on TikTok with the ‘Get to Know Me’ hashtag, making it a quick and easy way for hackers and scammers to find individual personal details.

The Department of Justice backs up Shiloh’s warning, advising everyone to ‘think before you post anything online or share information in emails,’ keeping in mind that sharing information with people you do not know is one of the biggest online risks.

Sensitive information includes your birth date, family members’ names, work history, and school names, yet people answer some of these questions in the ‘Get to Know Me’ trend.

Other more obvious warnings include not sharing your social security numbers, bank account information, and passport information online.

Likewise, the National Cybersecurity Alliance cautions against sharing personal information with anyone.

‘Many people take internet security lightly. They share their private data willingly and without any concerns whatsoever,’ the NCA site shared.

‘The first line of your personal data defense is you,’ it adds. ‘If you share your personal information online, you risk having it leaked once the company you shared data with gets hacked.’


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