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A leading cybersecurity company is offering free online cybersecurity courses for high school students in southern Israel whose hometowns are constantly under rocketfire from Hamas in Gaza. 

The initiative, which was developed by Oasis Technologies, aims to equip students with essential technological skills, foster their interest in the cyber domain and increase their potential for future involvement in the field. 

The interactive Zoom sessions cover diverse topics, including fundamental cyber concepts, offensive versus defensive strategies and programming languages.

The initiative was also developed in collaboration with the Magshimim (“fulfilling”) Program, a national cyber education program for high school students in the periphery, as well as other cybersecurity startups. 

High schools within the region that are interested in joining the program can send their requests directly to [email protected].

“The entire State of Israel is currently experiencing unbearably difficult times, when the students of the south are sitting idly in their homes or in various places to which they have turned throughout the country,” said Danny Brickman, CEO of Oasis.

“In order to try and make it easier for them, if only a little, we are taking part in this important initiative.

“As we continue to expand and allocate additional resources at OASIS, our team is wholeheartedly involved in this project, pooling our extensive expertise in the cybersecurity field,” he said.

“Our shared mission is to empower students, nurturing their comprehension and interest in the realm of cybersecurity.’”


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