ETSI OSM successfully
dodged the Coronavirus outbreak hosting a virtual hacking conference that was
originally scheduled to take place in Madrid.

ETSI OSM, an open source management and orchestration group, cancelled its hackfest that was originally scheduled for March 9-12 opting instead to host it online due to Coronavirus fears. The organization was able to quickly create an online conference with more than 20 hours of presentations that brought in about 100 participants.

originally seemed a huge challenge due to the hands-on approach and the high
level of interaction required in a Hackfest, proved possible in a record time
thanks to the outstanding engagement of the OSM community and the means
provided by ETSI, making this Hackfest one of the best attended ever,” the group

During the
four-day event the hackfest offered a wide range of sessions, including an
overview of the OSM architecture, the installation of OSM in Kubernetes, system
monitoring, network services instantiation, high performance and autoscaling,
automation of VNF Day 1 and 2 operations, and the end-to-end onboarding in OSM
of a cloud-native Evolved Packet Core.