#cybersecurity | hacker | First Look: MAFAZO Ignyte Assurance Platform

At a glance

Product: Ignyte Assurance Platform
Vendor: MAFAZO
Price: Subscription starts at $50,000
What it does:  Automates control mapping for compliance frameworks.
What we liked: Simple and straightforward user interface.
The Bottom Line: Saves time for organizations managing multiple compliance frameworks.

MAFAZO’s Ignyte Assurance
Platform offering provides organizations with a broad view of compliance
requirements and the gaps that must be addressed to meet them. Because it is
framework agnostic, the platform can ingest and build workflows based on
specific framework requirements like GDPR, NIST, PCI and HIPAA.

The assurance platform
accurately maps controls from different compliance frameworks and deliverers a
dashboard-driven holistic view for addressing them. The platform applies a structured approach to help organizations
working through the process of becoming compliant. Contextual mapping through
an intuitive dashboard interface allows natural language processing to map
controls from one framework to another. The dashboard supports multiple
organizational roles to which individual controls can be assigned, tracked and
used for evidence collection.

 The truly flexible dashboard can be configured
to meet the diverse needs of clients. There are more than 60 out-of-the-box
widgets for dashboard components that are tied to controls to track completion
as well as progress on deficiencies across the compliance standards. After
desired control groups are selected, Ignyte identifies common controls as well
as the resulting gaps, which are highlighted using Venn diagrams to illustrate
the scope of one framework as compared to another. For our example, we looked
at a company that required the HIPAA Security Rule as compared to NIST RMF(4),
then NIST CSF was added to the diagram. The Venn diagram illustrates the
relative scope of one framework as related to another. This comparison
generates a coverage grid that is useful for dealing with auditors. When done
manually, this process of mapping control frameworks would take weeks or months
of effort. By contrast, using Ignyte, this process can be completed with the
click of a button. The key to these efficiencies is machine learning that is
used in the background to do the control mapping. Organizations can create a risk
assessment using the selected set of frameworks. Once the template is created
users are assigned to specific roles for completing the assessment. System
settings support varying types of control status designations including
compliant, non-compliant, partially compliant, and N/A with scales that
indicate which are most important. The result is a system that associates
workflow activities with specific responses based on the selected input
filters. During an assessment, users can add a comment, attach an artifact,
then select the maturity and final control status. Information for responses is
fed into a graphically rich summary accessible by executives as well as related

information is collected, it is aggregated at a deficiency register where it is
logged for tracking and accountability. The deficiency register illustrates the
number of missing items for a control and data can be further enriched with
additional components like automated documentation requests, mapping assets to
a control and adding vulnerabilities to controls. This approach helps with resource
planning as organizations can project resource requirements for completing a
given assessment.

Ignyte Assurance Platform provides great insight into the often-challenging
task of mapping controls across multiple compliance frameworks and helps organizations
rapidly evaluate resource requirements for current as well as evolving
compliance standards.

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