Microsoft issued a patch
for an Internet Explorer scripting engine memory corruption vulnerability that
could lead remote code execution and that has been detected in the wild.

The vulnerability, CVE-2020-0674,
carries a CVSS rating of 7.5 and since it has been detected being abused in the
wild requires users to update their systems as soon as possible.

The problem itself is
due to a scripting engine in IE, which handles execution of scripting languages
such as VBScript and Jscript, with the JScript component containing an
unspecified memory corruption vulnerability. Any application that supports
embedding IE or its scripting engine component may be used as an attack vector to
exploit this flaw.

To actually put this vulnerability
to use a malicious actor would have to convince a user to click on and view a
specially crafted HTML document, such as an attached document or PDF file, or
any type of document that supports embedded Internet Explorer scripting engine
content, an attacker may be able to execute arbitrary code.

To mitigate this issue Microsoft
is recommending that users update
their current system or as a workaround restrict access to the jscript.dll