The New York City Police Department has arrested a ninth member of the Methbot click-fraud gang, according to court documents.

Denisoff’s arrest comes one year after eight other Methbot members were charged
and arrested. Denisoff was not named in the original court filing, but was named
part of the group in an affidavit
filed with the U.S. District Court of Eastern New York originally posted by

NYPD Detective
Mark Rubins testified in the affidavit that Denisoff operating an advertising network
that purported to place ads on actual, functioning websites when in fact the
ads were placed on fake sites that he and others created. They then allegedly
faked ad traffic.

This was accomplished
by the defendants by renting out nearly 2,000 computer servers from commercial
datacenters and using them to load the ad tags onto fake, blank webpages
located on spoofed domains.

“In this
way, the Methbot defendants fabricated (or ‘spoofed’) more than 250,000
webpages distributed across more than 5,000 domains associated with online
publishers, including the domains of thousands of businesses in the United
States and multiple businesses in the Eastern District of New York,” the original
indictment against the eight defendants stated.