doorbell maker Ring is pushing through a new level of security by now making
mandatory for all users to implement two-factor authentication when setting up
their device.

Two-factor authentication
previously had been available as an option, but the company said going forward
all users must go through this step when accessing their Ring account. The
extra verification will be handled through an SMS text or email that will
provide a one-time passcode.

The new process
was rolled out on February 18, Ring

As an added
security measure Ring has also temporarily ceased collaborating with most of
its third-party analytics providers for the Ring app and website. These could
be put back in place after the company works out a method for users to opt out
of these programs. One opt out plan is also now in place allowing users to stop
Ring from sharing their information with third-party service providers for the
purpose of receiving personalized ads.

In December
the company also instituted warning customers when someone had logged in to
their account from a new device.

These change
come two months after the company’s products became the entry-point in several
high-profile hacks
that allowed internal cameras to be taken over and used by malicious actors to
threaten and scare children.