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Vendor: SafeBreach
Price: Dependent on the size of the deployment.
Contact: safebreach.com

What it does: Leverages thousands of attack simulations to provide a “hacker’s view” of security risks and gives analysts actionable mitigation guidance and prioritized resources.
What we liked: The vast library of attack simulations available, supplemented with Breach Studio’s development environment for create-your-own simulations functionality.

SafeBreach Platform
provides a “hacker’s view” of security risks across the network and cloud to
give analysts actionable guidance on mitigating those risks and prioritizing
resources. The threat landscape is quickly evolving. Manually testing security
with methods like penetration testing are expensive and insufficient to keep up
with these changes.

SafeBreach attempts to
resolve the issues of manual testing by offering continuous security validation
through attack simulation, result prioritization and mitigation. Attack
planning is unnecessary as is manual configuration and the solution doesn’t
introduce biases.

Thousands of attack
simulations are automatically and continuously conducted on cloud networks,
endpoints and email to provide immediate insight into attack postures. Nearly
7,000 available attack simulations cover the entire kill chain and emulate
common hacker methodologies like infiltration, lateral movements, host-level
attacks and exfiltration. Create-your-own attacks from PCAP, Python and sample
code files also are possible within the development environment, Breach Studio.

Result prioritization uses
insights to automatically target critical issues helping analysts visualize the
attack path with drill-down functionality so they can investigate specific
results and decide which issues should be targeted first. SafeBreach also
integrates with security controls to incorporate detection and prevention

Insights provide
actionable remediation data that analysts can use to fix issues quickly,  and integrations with SOAR tools and
ticketing systems trigger and automate remediation workflows. Analysts also can
use the mitigation component of this platform to track problems and decide
whether mitigations continue to be successful. Analysts can track security
posture status with GRID, a map that allows them to play with risk and how it
is distributed across the network.

Through GRID, analysts can
get an exportable risk report of an overall risk score based on five
indicators: Attack Surface, Critical Segment, Known Attacks, Exposure Time and
MITRE Risk. The GRID map provides an overall risk percentage for each category
and identifies the top three categories that contribute to risk for quick
visibility. Analysts can delve into virtually every element of this graph for
more detailed information.

This highly scalable
product offers results that are easy to visualize and operationalize while
simplifying the process of associating risk with overall security posture.

SafeBreach can be
leveraged for a variety of use cases and is a good fit for those looking
to measure the effectiveness of their security controls; improve their return
on investment for other security tool investments; gain threat-specific
visibility and increase preparedness; further SOC and incident response
training; enhance penetration testing and Red Team operations; and/or assess
risk in mergers and acquisition processes.

Pricing is dependent on
deployment size and includes 24/7 support, a dedicated customer success
representative, access to the research team for security-related support, a
customer knowledgebase, a community portal and a documentation portal.

Tested by Matthew Hreben

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